The Canadian Kids Coding Initiative


Technology continues to change our world faster than many of us can adapt. Nevertheless we must ensure that our young generation is well equipped to benefit from the opportunities that are being created especially in computer sciences, before other Nations take the lead. Quite simply, computer coding is the new literacy.


Our goal is simple. We want to create a generation of coders that see technology as a tool to express their creativity. Kids, including boys, girls, minorities and First Nations representatives, must be encouraged to unleash their inner desires to create art, music, things of beauty, scientific achievements and more instead of consuming what others have made.


Build on the well documented success of the micro:bit in the United Kingdom by introducing this exceptional teaching tool into schools on a national basis, starting in September 2017. Once introduced, we will work with educators to develop coding courses that fit perfectly into the existing curriculum. On a long term basis, we want to prioritize the participation of the First Nations.

Project Outline

  • Awareness campaign to recruit partners and to communicate our vision to educators across the country.
  • Find the necessary funding to distribute as micro:bits as needed across the country.
  • Develop a support network for educators and support material.
  • Emphasize the participation of First Nations, women and minorities.

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